Distributed intelligence


AWAC is not just a pretty acronym, the A at the beginning refers to the advanced features of the wide access controller. Inside this product lies as much processing power as was found on the original iPhones and many other smart phones in the market today. The ability to process a large amount of data and to run a Linux based operating system allowed the designers room to make this product stand out from its competition.


Each AWAC runs a number of socket based services which allow the intelligence of the network to be distributed over a number of controllers. Some of the services which can be found on each controller:

  • Web server
  • Function service
  • Wireless service
  • Email service
  • SMS service

Through these services, each AWAC can have awareness of what other controllers are doing on the network. They can also utilize services such as SMS and Email which may only be running and active on one controller.

Any AWAC can have control and communication to any wireless device connected to any AWAC on the network. Distributed intelligence allows each controller work independently of every other controller, but also utilize other AWACs abilities to handle tasks more effectively.