Wired System

For new buildings, a wired system is the best option for monitoring and controlling emergency lighting. Ektor is proud to offer two alternatives when using our wired systems:

  • A fully DALI compliant emergency lighting system
  • Ektor’s own Standalone emergency lighting system

Both of these systems provide their own benefits depending on the configuration and building control that is being used.


For buildings that use DALI lighting control, adding a DALI emergency system is a cost effective and easy solution. With this type of installation, building wiring and system maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

A DALI lighting system usually incorporates some ability to perform emergency lighting tests which is either included in the package or available as an upgrade.

The Ektor easy commissioning modules and most of our commissioning software can be used with most DALI systems on the market. As a fully DALI certified product the Ektor range provides the highest value for our customers.


Why manage two systems when you can manage one?


For new or refurbished buildings not using DALI, our Standalone wired emergency systems makes a lot of sense. Our systems provide unrivaled value and are simple and easy to setup, use and maintain.

The Ektor emergency lighting system supports up to 100 emergency devices per controller. Multiple controllers can be connected together using industry standard TCP/IP networks using CAT5 cable. Interconnection using TCP/IP protocols allows for easy connection to other devices such as:

  • Smart phones
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Our Cloud Infrastructure
  • And any other TCP/IP compatible device.

Additionally, our customers can utilise our Cloud technology to monitor, maintain and report multiple sites from one convenient location.