Wireless System

For existing buildings or customers that generally prefer wireless connections, the Ektor wireless product range can provide the best Wi-Fi system on the market. Utilising standard Wi-Fi technology, our wireless emergency products can be used with most Wi-Fi systems including routers, repeaters and networks. Having compatibility with these types of devices gives additional options for setup or rollout of the Ektor emergency monitoring systems.


Customers such as institutions, hotels, complexes, corporations or department stores can use their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to perform emergency testing without the need for other wireless infrastructure or a wired connection. You can find examples of Ektor products used in projects that may be similar to your own needs and infrastructure.

Since the data sent to test devices and report on their status is very small, customers with existing Wi-Fi infrastructure can reduce the rollout cost of an emergency test system. This in turn can also help to reduce the time required to obtain a ROI of the Wi-Fi installation, especially since the data overhead can be setup to be only after hours or in low demand times.

Additionally customers can choose remote monitoring using the Ektor Cloud technology without the need for onsite controllers. The Cloud technology allows our customers to maintain, test and produce reports about the site directly from the web. More so customers with multiple sites can manage all their sites from one convenient location.


The Ektor wireless system can be setup in a standalone configuration allowing all the emergency devices to be contained onto one Wi-Fi band or independent of other systems.