As a standalone solution

DALI emergency lighting is a cost effective monitored emergency system. Not only do DALI emergency systems match the traditional monitored systems, they better them!

As a standalone monitored emergency system DALI emergency includes, but is not limited to, the following features:

  • All the benefits of traditional DALI devices
  • Lamp status (working / faulty / hours of use)
  • Battery status (working / faulty / charge capacity)
  • Allows for function tests that can feedback the condition of the battery, lamp and inverter circuit.
  • Allows for duration tests as required by law
  • Allows for an extended emergency period for use with HID lighting and other advanced lighting that do not re-strike when normal power has returned.

The DALI emergency standard is not a propriety standard and allows all DALI compatible emergency lighting to work together on the same line. Open standards allow for a more competitive environment for consumers and ensures users are not locked into propriety protocols which usually lead to higher costs throughout the life of the installation.

The open standard also allows for new technology to be integrated easily rather than waiting for existing manufactures to adopt the technology.