Dali Memory


The Manufacturer Bank, Memory Bank 0 provides the following information:

  • The Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) of the product
  • Control Gear Firmware Version
  • Serial NumberÂ

Similarly, the OEM Bank, Memory Bank 1 allows additional branding of fitting based products, providing:

  • OEM Serial Number
  • Subsystem and Device Number Information
  • Lamp Type
  • Additional OEM Information


Recently introduced, DALI now boasts a formal, persistent memory structure for identification and classification of devices, stored on EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory).

DALI devices can be programmed to contain valuable information for Manufacturers, OEMs and DALI professionals alike. Manufacturers can provide additional, customised information for extra functionality.

DALI Memory is separated into “Banks”. Banks and addresses are selectable using new standard DALI commands designed to return and write EEPROM data. Two banks of memory are defined by the DALI standard (IEC 62386-102 Standard).

Ektor Devices use an additional bank, Bank 2, to provide extra information to our customers and for enhanced classification in our Commission Tool Software. Installers are able to leave 32 Character device comments and classifications for locations.