Site commissioning and system demonstration

When used with the CP Northern’s Lighting Control System all Ektor UK DALI products can be seamlessly integrated onto the Emergency Test and Monitoring DALI system protocols available with front end graphical display. Equally, all Ektor UK DALI products can be supplied to provide a stand alone Emergency Test and Monitoring system (without lighting controls) using the same front end Emergency Test and Monitoring Graphical software. These systems can be provided with remote access via a secure IP address.

The comprehensive suite of software has been developed to integrate both DALI emergency products and “RAPID” lighting control DALI or non DALI products. This allows both emergency test and fault reporting and lighting control system commands to run on a single comms bus via DALI /CANBUS bespoke system interfaces to a front end PC with specific building graphical representation with remote IP address feedback possibilities.

By giving off-site control and a number of automation options, we have created a structure of oversight that can reduce the cost of maintenance in most situations.

Remote access ensures:

We can address your problem within minutes
Statutory tests can be performed on a pre determined calendar schedule. Tests are automatically re-scheduled if prior power failure is detected
Lamp, battery condition, charge rate report generated on all DALI emergency luminaires and provided to the client
Periodic system health checks provided aimed at preventative maintenance
Any system additions, revisions or faults can be addressed on site by our trained service engineers. Upon completion our system supervisors can “dial in” to initiate system check
Training can be provided for end users to access and interrogate the system

Maintenance & Support

At Ektor UK we ensure that you get the very best after sales care and support. There will always be one of our highly trained engineers available to assist you in the unlikely event of a problem.

We do not charge extra for technical support, however at the time of supply, options are available to purchase head-end systems with remote access control whilst maintenance contracts are also available for ultimate security once the defects period has expired. All batteries are NiMH and guaranteed for 4 years. Please note that it is good practice to perform a full discharge on a half yearly basis to ensure optimum battery life and performance.

Ektor UK can provide the emergency lighting products, lighting design and associated proposal calulations together with supporting technical documentation.