Status LEDs

Ektor DALI enabled products have two coloured LEDs on the product, as follows:

1) Red Charge LED which when lit, indicates that the battery is charging. If this lamp is off it could indicate one of the following

  • Battery is not connected
  • Battery has failed due to the battery cell voltage (while under charge) being too high
  • No mains Power active
  • The product is in a duration or function test
  • The product is in prolong state (a DALI state when returning from emergency mode, where the lamp remains on for a period of time)


2) Green LED which will flash a number of times indicating the state of the unit. The flashing can be understood with the following legend.

  • 1 Flash – Normal operation
  • 2 Flash – Lamp problem, check that the lamp is connected correctly and working
  • 3 Flash – Battery problem, check that the battery is connected correctly and working
  • 4 Flash – Function test in progress
  • 5 Flash – Duration test in progress
  • 6 Flash – No DALI line connected or no line power. Connection fault, measure the DALI voltage near the device, it should be between 9.5V -22.5V
  • No Green LED – DALI not functioning or faulty green LED. Sometimes the DALI board may not be seated correctly, or has fallen off.

Note. Some products combine the red and green LEDs into the same physical location. In this case, the colours combine to form an amber colour when the green and red LEDs are on together.